Suggested Living the Eucharist Virtual Session



Given that so many small groups cannot gather due to our concerns for public health at this time, here’s a way to have a “virtual” experience of Living the Eucharist


  • At the regular time of your meeting would have been held, set aside 45-50 minutes.
  • Quiet yourself. Open the Participant Booklet to the appropriate week.
  • Slowly read the opening collect and reflect on what prayers this prayer evokes in you.
  • Then read the session’s material and spend ten minutes writing your reactions to it and to the questions.
  • Read the Scripture Selection very slowly.

·         First, just to read it; wait three minutes.

·         Then read it again slowly, this time asking yourself questions or coming up with ideas the Scripture suggests to you; take at least three minutes with this.

·         Finally, read it again, slowly, looking for one word or idea to hold in your heart. Try to keep that idea before you; use it to push away any distracting thoughts. Do this for at least three minutes.

  • Conclude with personal prayers you wish to make (for yourself, your family, friends, situations that concern you, our nation, your parish, and our Church), followed by the Our Father and the closing collect prayer in the Participant Booklet.
  • If you are able, email or text with others in your small group and share one or two thoughts from this exercise.


May we all continue to pray for our community and keep ourselves open to the way God is acting in this challenging time.




Using Lectio Divina


Lectio Divina is a grace-filled way to pray with the Scriptures. Learn about this prayer form by viewing the free video “Learn Lectio Divina”. Your small groups have already been using this method of prayer, but many may find this video a helpful refresher for praying Lectio Divina at home.




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